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With Salsa Steps, you can learn different cuban salsa figures, salsa videos, salsa lessons and salsa steps, lady salsa and man salsa movements and salsa footworks.s.
Step by step at beginner , intermediate, advanced and master levels.
Be at home, in the park, or at work, our salsa tutorial dance videos are there for you. 

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Main characteristics:

- Not only for professionals salsa dancers or salsa teachers! 

- Salsa Steps, Salsa Videos and salsa figures for everybody and for all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced and master) 

- More than 700 salsa videos, figures

- Front and back view options

- Slow and quick tempo options

- Switch on or off your muli-lingual instructor

- Switch on or off figure descriptions

- Stop, forward or split the screen anytime 

- Continuous repeats (you can loop the scenes and switch them on or off)

- Music, clave and metronome options 

- Userfriendly

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